Memorial Day Weekend Fun!

Braden with Grandpa Rick
Slam Dunk!!
Dad and Braden
Mom and Braden
Havin Fun in the Pool!

Uncle Mike, Rick, and Tom

Cousin Abby and Braden playing


Rocky & Kasey Crew said...

Yeah, you might not want to be posting pictures of almost naked old men. YIKES! j/k I think my dad is super cuteness!

Annie said...

TomToonie. I'm so glad I found your blog. Why did I not know you guys had a baby? I'm so out of the loop. Anyway, he's really, really cute. Bald, bald, bald, just like we like our Garlock men. Your time will come, Tom, don't you worry.
Hey, I hope you guys are coming to the reunion. The girls and I will be there. I'd love to meet Kassie and my girls would love to attack Braden...

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