Memorial Day Weekend Fun!

Braden with Grandpa Rick
Slam Dunk!!
Dad and Braden
Mom and Braden
Havin Fun in the Pool!

Uncle Mike, Rick, and Tom

Cousin Abby and Braden playing


Watch out Nash!!!

Braden Showing Off His Moves!


What a pose!

"I can't wait until I can walk!"
7 months and standing all by himself!


Braden's Pictures, by Target

"Okay, this is pretty fun.""It isn't so bad...."
"Alright, this is getting old."
"Get me out of here! We're DONE!"


Our Trip to Rocky Point, Mexico

Tom and Jared at Rosy's. The best breakfast in Mexico!

My Daddy and Me

Nothin like a hard days work!
"I think I wanna be a tennis player."
My new coat.
Proud Father Eating at Mi Amigos
" I love the Red Sox!"
Just hanging out
Do you see the resemblance?Happy Mother's Day!
All Dressed up! So handsom:)

Then Comes Baby in the Baby Carriage

Baby Braden sleeping on His New Dad Still Sleeping...Do they ever wake up?!? He's Finally awake for his first Halloween! Happy Thanksgiving!
Watching Dad play tennis
"Look, we're matching!"
"I am SO tall!!"
Chillin' with Dad
"I Love my new toys!"
"I don't know about this..."
Learning to crawl I am so happy I can sit up!! Swimming (floating) in Aunt Debbie's Pool!

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