A Pirate and a Princess

Halloween this year was so much fun! On Wednesday we went to a Fall Festival in Mesa and then on Friday we went to our ward Trunk or Treat. Braden had the time of his life, while Brooklyn was a little confused...but for sure loving all the candy! lol!


Rick's Visit and Schnepf Farms

Last weekend Tom's dad Rick came down for a visit! Such a fun time! Here is Tom and his brother Sam while we were on a walk Saturday morning. So sweet :)
And Rick was kind enough to take us to Schnepf Farms. It is the funnest place and the perfect thing to do in the fall. They have a petting zoo, playground, huge slides, pig races, a hay ride, a corn maze, and a pumpkin patch! It seriously was so much fun and the kids had a blast!!


Play Time with Braden

Braden is so funny these days and has started being very creative with his toys!
And here is how I found him one morning....Cowboy boots and pj's on the porch playing with trains and hot wheels. Doesn't get any better than that for a four year old! haha!


Braden's Birthday Party

We had all the family over on Sunday to celebrate Braden's bday and eat cake and ice cream and jump on the tramp! He got hooked up! Cowboy boots from Grandma Larry Anne, Air Jordans from Uncle Sam, coloring book and pencils from Kylie and Todd, a Toy Story figure from Uncle Grant! It was so much fun! Thanks to all who came, we had a blast!!

They have twin Air Jordan's!! I LOVE it!!!


Queen Valley

Last weekend we went to Queen Valley with the Garlock's. We opted not to spend the night, but it was sure fun roastin' those s'mores! And going on quad rides!


Halloween Wreath

While Aunt Debbie was on Fall break we all got together and made these fun Halloween wreaths. Aren't they sweet?!?! 


Braden's Birthday

Here he is getting home from pre-school on his 4th birthday!
We decided to take him to Applebee's to celebrate so that the waiters would come around and sing to him and bring him a sundae. They did not disappoint. Braden loved every second of it!! Sorry the pictures are so horrible. I was so sad when I figured out I left my camera at home. Luckily we had our cell phones for backup, but as much as I tried to photoshop them, the lighting was just too harsh. Waaahh! 

This is the awesome train set that he got to open from his grandpa Rick and grandma Debbie! So much fun! He absolutely LOVES it!


Nursery and Primary Program

Oh, they are growing up SO fast!!! Just slow down, please...


Ace of Cakes and Autzen Stadium

When I accidentally booked Tom's flight for 8pm instead of 8am like I told him(oops), he had to kill a couple hours at the airport waiting for another flight....But it turned out to be fate!! Look who he ran into!!!! I know some of you are like, who the heck is that!?!? Well, I am a big fan and was so jealous he got to meet them. Tom gets to have all the fun, haha!!
And here he is in Eugene at the Duck game....You will be happy to know, he finally broke the curse, and the ducks actually won a game that he was at!! Yay!! National Championship here we come!


Braden's Birthday Invite!!


Let's Go Ducks!

Last weekend we went to the Duck game at ASU. Tom and I had planned to go, but when we went to buy tickets, we found out that if we wanted to actually see the game, the tickets were really pricey. So we were sad, but had decided to just BBQ and watch the game on TV.....But then Tom's brother saved the day and at the last minute got some tickets!! We were totally psyched!! We had the wonderful Rich and Lacee watch the kiddos and we were off to ASU. Even though the game didn't start until 7:30pm, it was a super hot day and there were so many people in that stadium, it made it a sticky mess. We were surrounded by ASU fans and at first it kinda sucked, but as we, I mean the Ducks, started to dominate them, they shut their mouths pretty quick. Haha. It was a really fun time and the Ducks killed it! I am so excited for this season! There is something about this time of year that is just so fun! Tom, that lucky duck (lol, duck, get it?) got to go to Eugene, Oregon to see them play Stanford this weekend! I am so jealous, but someone had to stay home with the children :) I will be back later for an update on that game. And just get ready to hear something super cool that happened to Tom at the airport....oh, you will just have to come back and see what it is....Until then, here is a layout (using Play the Game by Chelle's Creations) and a sweet little video from our time at the Sun Devil Stadium!!

They played this song at the staduim like 10 times during the game.....It was a good night for us, but not for them. Haha!!!
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