Week With My Mom and Sister

(Most of you won't care to read all this, but I just wanted to remember the fun times we had when my mom and sister came to visit.) My grandparents are looking to move from their winter home in St.George to one here in Gilbert. So, they took a road trip down here to look at some real estate and they brought my mom and sister along! It was SO much fun! I just love my family! Lots of shopping and eating! The first day they got here we went out to lunch at the delicious Paradise Bakery! 

Then came home, put Brooklyn down for a nap and while Chelsea watched the kids we went to Fry's to shop the ads! 

Then we came home and my mom made my grandmas fabulous tacos for dinner. Tuesday morning me and my mom woke up early and took the kids for a walk then my sister colored and cut my hair for me. She does such an awesome job! Then another trip to Fry's and a lunch break at Jack in the Box. The funniest thing happened there- I was feeding Brooklyn a bite of an Oreo shake and a little bit dropped on the floor. Braden just couldn't let that go to waste, so what did he do?!? He licked it right off the ground! Ahhh! We almost died, and the people around us were laughing so hard! I had to have a little talk with him about germs :) Then we hung out the rest of the afternoon and then made grilled chicken with stir-fried red potatoes and veggies for dinner. Then we watched Price of Persia. 

It was pretty good! On Wednesday Braden had school at 8am, so we took full advantage of this and headed to Khols bright and early for their big sale. My mom buys all the Christmas gifts for all the grandkids and great-grandkids for my grandma- so we had our work cut out for us! Plus my mom got Tom and I our Birthday and Christmas presents, lol! A sweet new bedding set and towels and bathroom accessories to match! I am so in love! Every time I walk in my room, I get a huge smile on my face! Plus check out what my receipt read - spent $253 and saved $450. Yes, you are reading that right. I spent $253 and saved $450! Can I say just how much I LOVE Khols?!?! 

Then we came back home and picked up Braden and took them out to Chick-Fil-A to play on their play place. It is the closet thing they get to a park right now here in the desert. Then it was time for naps- hallelujah! That night my grandparents came over and we enjoyed pulled pork sandwiches. SO good! Then Brooklyn and Braden put on a little show for us in the living room while we just all sat around and laughed at them. They couldn't get enough of all the attention, haha! And, they both loved their great-grandpa! Braden calls him Grandpa Dee. So cute!!

Then Thursday my mom went house hunting with her parents and Chelsea and I (and the children) went to Ross and Tilly's. Then we came home a I worked for a bit until my mom got back and we made sweet and sour meatballs with veggies and brown rice. YUM! Friday we ventured out and went to the craziest store in Phoenix- Last Chance! Wow, was that place nuts! It was worth it though, we all got some sweet shoes for killer prices. I think Brooklyn's were the cutest of the day!  Pretty much every time my mom comes down here we go to Last Chance and we always go to the Fuddruckers next door to it, but to m y horror, this time we found it was closed! So we put it into Chelsea's iPhone and found one that was on the way home! It was fabulous! I know they are known for their burgers, but I think they should be known for their cheese sauce that you dip their incredible fries in!

 Once we made it home, we all crashed! It was a long day in the brutal heat. Then we ate some more (if you can believe it) I can't for the life of me remember what it was, but I am sure it was divine :) Then my mom and sister babysat while Tom and I went to the Temple! Then it was Saturday and Tom finally got to hang with us, so we went to his favorite spot, Marshalls. He got hooked up with some shorts, socks, work shoes, and a couple ties! Then we ate some pizza and Panda Express at the food court in the San Tan Mall. After that came home and relaxed for a couple hours then we went on yet another shopping trip to Fry's to get ingredients for dessert the next day. After that we got Sammy boy to babysat while we went out with my cousins to a fancy restaurant in Chandler called, Firebirds. It was AMAZINGLY good and fun to eat out without the kids screaming! Then Sunday we went to church at the break of dawn (8am) and then took it easy most the day (I got caught up on some design stuff) until we went to Gilbert to my cousins house for dinner. It was a houseful and the kids had a blast playing with all the cousins! And sadly, the next morning they were gone :( Braden must have asked me 300 times that day were they went. And Brooklyn just walked around wondering where her grandma and auntie had gone. I think that is the worst part. It is so sad to see them go! But I found out some awesome news yesterday and that is that the airport in Mesa is now flying to Idaho Falls for $49 each way!!!! I have been waiting for this day since the day I moved here 5 years ago, and I am so excited! Now we will get to see each other more! And that is good!!!! I miss you guys already--Thanks for the good times!


Layouts for Chelle's Creations Part 2

I have some new pictures today! Since I can only use Chelle's Creations products for personal use, it has forced me to finally scrap some layouts for myself....Hooray!! It has been so much fun working on logos and blog makeovers all day, but I am happy to get back to just plain digital scrapping again :)

(You can click the images to go to my gallery and to see the credits.)
A couple weekends ago we went to the best water around, Lake Roosevelt. It is so huge and you hardley ever see any other boats, plus the water is pure glass! So much fun, and I actaully got up on the wakeboard and tried to do a couple jumps. Ever since I crashed badly last summer, I have been terrified to try, but I went slow and finally got in a couple sweet jumps! All four of us also all got on the tube and went for a ride as a family. Braden was more scared than Brooklyn was, haha!

Tom has been golfing a lot these days for work and so last Saturday I went to the shooting range and putting greens to hit some balls with him. We tried to get out early, but it was still scorching hot. But it was actually really fun and plus I got to spend some time with Tom w/o two monsters running around us. Thanks Sammy for watching the children :)

Then Monday (Labor Day) Tom had to go into work in the morning so I went to his Aunt Debbie's and messed around on the computer with her. She is like the only friend I have that likes to play on the computer as much as I do! Then everybody met there and we went swimming and had a BBQ. It doesn't get any better than that!!!

My mom and dad went on a little trip with their friends to Denver to see the Dodgers play the Rockies. I didn't have any pics for this kit, so I did this one for my parents :)

These next four, most of you have already seen the pictures, but here they are again, all scrapped up with Chelle's amazing kits.
Well, that's all from me. Happy Friday everyone! Have a great weekend!!!

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