Love This Girl!!


First Peep


Feeding the Ducks

Having fun feeding the ducks at Freestone Park with Sam, Katelyn, and Grant on November 24, 2012.


Knott's Berry Bloom

You guys had so much fun at Knott’s Berry Bloom! When you first walk in the park, they give you a card. Then we have to go around the whole park looking for the spring snoopy display in each area of Knott’s. After we checked off each stop you got to pick out an egg with prizes and candy inside. Braden got a reduced wait for the Jaguar and Brooklyn got to play the Angry Birds carnival game. It was such a blast!! 


Easter Sunday


Brooklyn's Birthday FUN!!!



Walk Down Memory Lane - Part 1


Charlie Brown's Speedway

is one of our favorite rides at Knott’s Berry Farm! It is so much fun, I even like to ride on it with you!


Huff and Puff

I don’t really understand why, but you guys love to ride the Huff and Puff at Knott's Berry Farm. I am not even sure I consider it a ride- You are doing all the work :) But, you love to race and see how fast you can go!

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