So I up woke up to my blog looking a little odd. For those of you who are using a picture behind your blog title it may have shrunk. I thought mine was the only one, but when I went on the other blogs, they all had the same problem. I am not very technical, and I have no idea why this happened, but since I make my own blog templates, I figured out how to fix it. If this happened to you just
1. Go up to customize on your navbar
2. Click on the template tab
3. Then click on edit HTML
4. Scroll down in the box about a quarter of the way down. Look for something like this:

#header h1 {
margin:5px 5px 0;
padding:9px 9px 9em;
font: $pagetitlefont;

You then need to change the numbers I highlighted in yellow. I did all nine and it worked for mine, but you may need to make yours a little bigger/smaller, depending on how big you want it. Well I hope this helps:) Have a happy day!!


Eatin' Shoppin' Hangin' with the Fam

Tom and I headed to St. George for Thanksging this year. My moms parents have a home there that they live in during the winter season. It is such a perfect place to meet because it is half way between Rexburg, where my parents live, and Phoenix. Plus the weather is still pretty nice there. We had a such a wonderful time!!! Thanks SO much to my grandparents for letting us stay and being such great hosts!! We love all of you so much and can't wait to see you all for Christmas. Also, a HUGE thank you to Shawna and Jared for watching Roxy!! You guys are the Best!
I just love the beautiful red mountains
Braden with my mom and her dog, Brandi
My dad loved hanging with his grandson
Chelsea, the pround Aunt
Chelsea highlighting my hair
My Gramps cutting the turkey
Tom and my Dad
Eating Thanksgiving Dinner
"I am SO FULL!!"
Shopping at my new favorite place, Tai Pan! I don't think Braden appriciated it as much...
Eating at Cafe Rio.
Warming up in the hot tub
Watching the BYU vs Utah football game. GO BYU!!
Braden had a blast at his great-grandparents house



Pumped up for the game

Getting ready for the second half

Poor Dixon:( Get well SOOON!!!!

Thanks Tim & Lynette for the awesome tickets!!!

Ready, BREAK!!

Ducks about to score a TD!!

The crowd rushing the field after the game

Tough Loss...

Its okay, we still love the ducks!



So last night I put Braden in his saucer to play while Tom and I ate some dinner. About 10 minutes later Braden comes walking out of his room smiling at us!!! I about choked when I saw him. He had figured out a way to escape from his saucer!! I have no idea how he could have done this...Can someone please tell me how this is humanly possible! This kid is crazy!!!

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