Happy Birthday DAD!!!!

Journaling reads: Hope you have a great Birthday Dad!!! Wish we could be there with you! We love you so much and appriciate all you do for us! Enjoy your day:)


Another Scrap Matters Challenge

(Sorry I didn't get to this until now, I was trying to finish all the pages from our trip.)

I played along in another scrapbook challenge this week~Hope you all had a great Memorial Day!


Day 8- Rexburg Temple & Leftovers

The day before we left, we all went to the brand new Rexburg Temple!! It is literally one block from my parent's house. You can see it from inside thier home! It is such a blessing to have one so close. My mom works there every Friday and loves it.

Leftover Pictures

Okay I'm finally done....I told you I was going to take a lot of pictures:) We had so much fun hanging with the family and can't wait to go back!!


Day 7- Chillin' With Gramps

Braden had a blast chillin' with his Grandpa on the couch.


Day 6- iCe CrEaM!!!

My parents both got the flu while we were there, so we just took it easy for a couple days....We were able to go out for some ice cream though, at Reed's Dairy! It was delicious! The ice cream in the picture is mint with chocolate chips, brownie bites, and caramel! YUUUUMMM!!


Day 5- Project, Shopping & Dinner

The first thing we did in Rexburg, of course, was make a run to Porters. It is a craft store with lots of fun ideas. For this project we bought three square frames, scrapbook paper, and vinyl wording. It was so easy...All we had to do was cut out the paper, put it in the frame, then push the wording right on the glass. I'm still not really sure where I want to put it, but isn't it so cute?!?

Afterwards we did what we do best: shop and eat!


Day 4- Sk8er Boy

Before we left for Idaho we went over to my sister's boyfriends apartment in Provo. He had a longboard that Braden just loved!! It took him awhile to figure it out, but he played on it for like 15 minutes, which is a lifetime for him:)


Day 3- Mother's Day & Baby Mozart

After church on Sunday my mom took this Mother's Day Pic for us in my Aunt's backyard in Orem. It was so pretty and in full bloom. I was so happy to be able to spend the day with my mom. It has been so many years since I have been able to be with her on Mother's Day.

Afterwards Braden went at it on the piano. I thought he would slam on the keys, but he totally surprised me and played really softly and with a lot of thought. It was so funny...


Day 2- Swinging With Grandma

We stayed in Provo for a couple nights before we went to Idaho and the weather was perfect!! Braden loved playing at the park with his grandma!!!


Day 1- Playin' on the Plane

We're baaaaaack!! The trip to Utah/Idaho was great!! It is nice to be home, but it is always hard to leave my family. Since I took so many pictures I will post one page a day for everyday we were there.

Braden had SOOOO much fun on the plane. It was such a pain for me, he did NOT want to sit down. He was so busy and wanted to look at everything. When we were taking off, the flight attendant asked me to buckle him up, he was not having that! It was quite hectic, but we made it!


Rexburg Here We Come!

Braden and I are off to Rexburg aka "the Burg" tomorrow! I am so excited to see my family and get out of this heat... I really need to be washing clothes and packing right now, but no, I am scrapin' and blogging! I had some cute pictures I just had to finish before we left. I probably won't get to post while I am gone, but don't worry I'll have plenty of pics to show off when I get back:) Hope you all have a great Mom's Day!!!


Scrap Matters Challenge

Yesterday I entered my first scrapbook challenge. Basically they give you a template to use and you can use and change it anyway you want. The rules for this challenge were to use a picture that was 5 years or older that was special to you. I chose this picture of my sister and I in the tub when I was 6. Good times:) If I win the challenge, I get $5 at their store! Haha, I don't really care about that, I just love doing it! Adobe Photoshop is so awesome.

**Update- I got 3rd out of like 30 people! Yay! I get a free kit called Riptide:)


3 WHOLE years!

So it's our 3rd wedding anniversary--YEAH! I wish I could say we have some exciting night planned, but I am babysitting until 6 tonight and Tom is still puking:( Hopefully we will go out some other night this week. Normally here I would brag about how awesome my hubby is, but he hates it when I talk about him on this....So I will spare you the mushy details. Here is a layout I made for our last 3 years together~


My 18 Month Old Boy

My laptop has arrived!! After hours of transferring my files and pictues, I have finally got everything up and running. I have done a couple pages for Braden's 18 months...It truly feels like he was born last week, these past 18 months have really flown. He amazes me daily with his quickly developing vocabulary, and learning to express himself. He is so active, it is a full-time job keeping up with him. He is so curious and won't stop opening and closing doors, cupboards, and drawers. His new favorite thing is pushing around his cars and trucks. Everyday while we are walking to the gym he laughs and laughs at the cars as they drive by, it is so hilarious:) He is such a joy to us and I feel so blessed to have such a sweet little boy in our lives!

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