Our Holiday Family Traditions

Reading the 24 Days of Christmas

Making Sugar Cookies

Decorating the Home with Braden

The Ward Christmas Party!

Christmas Eve Ham Dinner

Watching Holiday Classics

Drinking Egg Nog mixed with Moutain Dew

Opening Stockings and Gifts

Christmas Day Brunch!

Playing with fun new toys

Making yummy things with my NEW BOSCH!!!!

Afternoon nap on the floor

Going to the MOVIES!!
(both really good)

Day after Christmas Shopping!!!!!!!!!


Mesa Temple Christmas Lights

Last night Tom, Braden, Sam and I headed off to the Mesa Temple to see the Christmas lights and watch the Mesa Christian Dance Company Perform. We were surrounded by thousands of lights and beautiful music right in the middle of Temple Square. The Christmas spirit was so strong and really makes you remember the true meaning of this Holiday Season. We hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year!!


Deck the Halls

Here is the Christmas decor I have accumulated over the last two years. All the twinkling lights, ornaments, yummy candles, and nativity scenes make Christmas my favorite time of year. I am still working on my collection, its not much, but I am getting there! Merry Christmas!


Images of ME

Thanks Jen for the great post idea:)

On my next birthday I will be:

A Place I would like to travel:

My favorite place is:

My favorite objects are:


My favortite food is:

My favorite animal is:

My favorite color is:

My first home was:

My home is now:

The name of my pet is:

A bad habit of mine is:

My first job was:

My Hobbies are:


This is what I want for Chistmas:

My major in college is:

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