Our Holiday Family Traditions

Reading the 24 Days of Christmas

Making Sugar Cookies

Decorating the Home with Braden

The Ward Christmas Party!

Christmas Eve Ham Dinner

Watching Holiday Classics

Drinking Egg Nog mixed with Moutain Dew

Opening Stockings and Gifts

Christmas Day Brunch!

Playing with fun new toys

Making yummy things with my NEW BOSCH!!!!

Afternoon nap on the floor

Going to the MOVIES!!
(both really good)

Day after Christmas Shopping!!!!!!!!!


Debbie said...

I'm thinking we should do all the things that have to do with the real meaning of Christmas before Christmas and do the shopping and opening gifts after Christmas, so we can get all the good sales. I bought a whole bunch of stuff on sale and am putting it away for next year. See you Monday nite!!

Kasey said...

A BOSCH! WHAT?!?! I'm seriously a little jealous. Ok, ALOT! Make some fun stuff for me. Looks like you guys had fun. We missed you!

Debbie said...

Merry Christmas! It looks like you guys had a great Christmas! It's so fun to check your blog and stay updated on life in Phoenix!! Thanks for sharing such wonderful times and memories in your life. Happy New Year!! Love..Debbie
(The Portland one)..

The Anglesey Family said...

You look sooo adorable! I love your hair! Its sooo long! I hope all is well. It looks as if you guys had an amazing Christmas. Keep in touch. Tif

Kasey said...

Thanks for the header info. It's now fixed and I heart it. U R the BEST!

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