Braden's Birthday Invite!!

For all you folks who would like to attend Braden's 3rd Birthday, here is the info....
I will {hopefully} be getting them in the mail this week:) We hope to see you there!!


Lake Roosevelt

The boat is finally fixed! It was a LONG HOT summer without the Garlock's awesome boat, but we finally got to enjoy it this last weekend at Lake Roosevelt. It really was one of the funnest days we have had this summer. It was so pretty and I took pictures like crazy. In the afternoon it was a little cloudy and it made the lighting amazing! I am so happy we were able to get back on that wakeboard one more time this summer. Until next year my sweet lake.....


Ironman Jace

I made this header for a little boy who just found out he has Leukemia. His mom was my English teacher in high school. Click here to read about his inspirational story. You will first want to grab a box of tissues.... Our thoughts and prayers go out to Jace and his family.


Tid Bits

This is what I walked in on this afternoon.....Honestly, I wasn't as mad as I thought I would be. It was kind of funny and in a weird sort of way, I was proud of his creativity. haha. But, I didn't want him to know that, so I did make him help clean it up hoping he will think twice before doing it again. Wishful thinking....

For Labor day we headed to the Garlock's for a pool party and BBQ. After we were all sunned out we heading inside to play-
Braden and Kylee were rockin' it on the drums!
Brooklyn LOVES to eat. I don't know how she is so tiny, cause she really does eat so much. Last week I introduced her to these little babies-
She was in heaven!


What's up with us....

My goodness, it feels like forever that I have actually done a real post. So here is what's been going on.


At the end of July, Tom said goodbye to the University of Phoenix and started working for a company called Concentric In Scottsdale. He has done really well, and we are so proud of him and thankful for all of his hard work to provide for our family.
He is also getting psyched up for the Ducks first game of the season tomorrow. GO DUCKS!!!

About a month ago, I got called to be the Young Woman's Mia Maid advisor. I was really nervous about this calling since I really don't like to teach, but getting to know the girls and the other leaders has been a real blessing.

I got this sweet new jogger on craigslist 3 weeks ago and I have been taking the kids out at about 6:30 every morning before it gets too hot. I go about 3 miles and then let Braden play at the park. It is really such a great way to start the day!

Tom's brother, Grant has joined us down here in the desert and is living with his other brother Sam. He has a house that is less than a mile away from us. Last Saturday we met at the Garlock's pool and Braden was messing around with Grant's hat. It was so funny!

Braden has started to say his own prayers. There really is nothing sweeter.....

The dreaded potty training....I couldn't decide whether to put this under my name or Braden's name. It feels like this is more about what I am doing than what Braden is doing:) I just started reading this book and I can already tell, this is going to be a LONG process. Wish me luck, and if you have any advise, I need all the help I can get....I am so sick of diapers!!

BROOKLYN:My baby girl is already five months old!! She has been the most amazing baby. Although she is still so little, she is not letting that slow her down. She loves to be up on her hands and knees and lunge herself forward. She is going to be crawling in no time....

This is Tom's cousins baby Nixon. He is 2 months younger than Brooklyn, but has already passed her up on length and weight. They are so cute!

So, that's everyone! Well, except for Roxy, but Tom would die if I put her on here:)

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