Brooklyn Update

We had Brooklyn's 4 month check-up yesterday and she is doing just fantastic! She is in the 10% for her weight-11 lbs 9 oz and she is in the 25% for her length-23 1/2 inches. She is growing so fast, but she is still so little! Tom calls her his "widdle-widdle". It sounds kinda funny, but it is so cute when he says it. The doc said we could start her on cereal and that's just what I did the minute I got home. It has been a struggle since she didn't like taking bottles, I was the only one who could feed her. So I was very anxious for her to start solids. She did pretty good and I think she liked it.

As much as I have tried, Brooklyn has absolutely refused to take a pacifier. Since the minute she was born, she loved to suck on her hands/fingers. But today she finally found her thumb. We'll see if she sticks with it....
A couple weeks ago she enjoyed her first dip in the pool. It is so hot here, the water temp is like bath water, so she was loving it!
I am completely in love with this little girl and so thankful she is a part of our family!!!!


Play Date at the Splash Park in Rexburg, Id

I was waiting for this picture from a friend so that's why this page is a little late...
While I was visiting my family in Idaho, I got together with my friends from high school. We had such a great time catching up and watching our kids play. Love you Girls!!!
(Left to right-Shalee with her kids Kaden and Olivia, Rachael with her daughter Avery, Kim with her son Carter, Michelle with her girls Hailey and Kynlee, Tara with her girls Adrie and Katelyn)


Trip to Wyoming and Idaho

And, we're back! Beware: This is a MAJOR post! I have been scrapping like a mad woman! I took pictures like crazy thanks to my sweet new camera from my mom:) There was an unfortunate accident in Wyoming where I left my dear old camera on top of our car....I was in a deep depression for days because I thought it was long gone, but luckily it was found by my cousin later and she was able to save the memory card with all my pictures on it! Wherever you are Jennifer, THANK YOU!!! Anyway here goes....
Right before I left, my wonderful aunt Debbie and I went out and got pedicures!

After a 15 hour drive to Wyoming, we were so happy to be out of the car we walked around my grandma's farm. I have so many great memories there and it was cool to see Braden play....He had a blast!
Tom found these awesome John Deer hats in my grandma's basement. I thought they were a nice touch...
My family at the cemetery after the funeral.
Braden had the worst attitude while eating dinner at KFC...
It was so great to hang out in my parents backyard. The weather was perfect!!
The 4th was a blast! My parents neighborhood had a party at the community park. Braden loved the swings and of course, the tramp!!
Afterwards they had some sweet fireworks!
Braden and his "pwa pa". My dad was so great with him!
My mom and I took the kids to the Idaho Falls Zoo. That was quite the adventure!
When we got home Brooklyn crashed...
The cute headbands that my mom and I made. SO CUTE!
Brooklyn loved to hang out on her belly on the soft carpet.
My friend Tara and I took our kids to Rigby lake. It was a good time!
Brooklyn's cute new outfit from Grandma!
Thanks so much mom and dad for such a great vaca! We had sooooo much fun and can't wait to see you again!! Love you Guys!!


Happy Birthday America

I have a LOT more pictures to come. I just wanted to wish everyone a happy 4th!!

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