Feels So Good

I really can't believe I am putting this on my blog for the whole world to see, but I am just so happy it is done...My closet was totally out of control--Everything was such a mess and I couldn't find anything!! I have been putting off cleaning it for months, but tomorrow there is a pick-up for donations, and I thought it would be a good excuse to finally get it all done. Here are all the clothes I had in my teeny-tiny closet, and this doesn't even include the clothes I had on hangers.
After a couple of hours I had a fully organized closet. I can't stand how little it is, but I have to deal with what I've got:) The best part is I got three trash bags full of clothes and shoes for those who need them.


Breaking News

We had the big ultrasound yesterday!! They had a REALLY hard time seeing what it was, but they think it's a girl. I've had the feeling it was a girl from the beginning, so we will just keep going with it... I go back for another ultrasound at 28 weeks so then we can take another look to see if it is going to be baby Brooklyn or baby Brock:)


Our Cute 'Lil Spider

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