Relaxing in the Pool


The Sierra Sidewinder!!

Braden's favorite ride at Knott's!!


Bridal Veil Falls with Grandpa Rick!

While in Utah for Sam's wedding, grandpa Rick took us on a fun hike up Provo Canyon. There were lots of fish to feed and a really cool waterfall that we could hike up to. Such a blast!!!


First Day of School 2013!!

Some very happy and excited kids(and mom) in our house!!!!


Toothless Smile

It was just a normal day at school when I got a call from the school nurse. I had forgotten to fill up Braden’s water bottle and when he tried to pry it open with his teeth, his two bottom teeth almost came out with it! Luckily school was almost over, so I went to pick him up. Later that night, dad tried to pull them out, but they were still hanging on...By the next day Braden was sick of not being able to chew and let dad yank them out! That night he found two dollars under his pillow! So, we went to Game Stop and he got Mario Kart Wii!!


He Will Always Be My Little Boy

This is what I make while he is at school and I am missing my little boy. I choke up every time I read it! Yay! Time to go pick him up!!

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