So I have stayed home with my son for 10 months now and as much as I love it, I must say it can get a little boring at times! I was a nanny for 3 years and I found myself missing those days... I decided to send out an email to my ward for childcare, and I found two wonderful children to watch in my home! Umu who is 18 months and Carter who is 21 months. They are both so cute and I am so happy to be back with a house full of kids! Here are a few pics of Braden and Umu playing together.

"Come here little guy!"


Braden Walking and Talking



I just wanted to warn everybody that it will be raining here tomorrow. I just spent hours making my car sparkle, but everytime I wash my car, it rains! I am cursed!!


The G-Lock Family Reunion

Braden with Aunt Ruth and Aunt Rachael
Tom's haircut at Rachel's house, Braden with Grandma
Braden chillin' in his Saucer at the house boat
Toms Brothers and Sisters with Mom
Hanging out in Portland
It's so green there!

On the way to the Lincoln City, Oregon Coast
Our room at the house on the beach
Tom overdosed on Salt Water Taffy
We all went on a Hike
and rented boats on the Lake
Beautiful Sunset on our porch
The Pixie Pockets (I made the sign!)

The Journals we made

Happy Birthday G-Ma Margaret!
Playing Speed Srabble
"Hurry Tom!!"
The Famous Nerts games!
We are the CHAMPIONS!!

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