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This Girl is on the Move

My baby girl is seriously growing up too fast.....In just the last week she has learned how to sit up by herself, crawl, and pull herself up to stand. This girl is crazy!! Check out her new moves--

**Just a little side note--While messing with my blog, I accidentally erased my blog list. I tried to remember all the links I had added, but I know I have forgotten some. If you could please let me know if I missed you....THANKS!!!


My Tired Little Boy

For the last couple weeks Braden has decided that he no longer needs naps. Whenever I put him in his bed he would freak out, so after awhile I just gave up on naps. A few days later, it was catching up with him and he was falling asleep anywhere and everywhere...This kid cracks me up!

I hope I don't get a call from CPS on this one, but I just had to share...


The Birthday Boy

Braden is THREE!! I can't believe it!!
I decided to make him his own truck cake this year to match his invitations. I was SO nervous about it, but I think it turned out pretty cute.

This year he finally got excited to open his gifts. It was so much fun to see how thrilled he was with every present he opened.
His favorites were of course the new 15' tramp, hot wheels cars and case, t-ball stuff, Nerf football, Halloween beanie, Cars sunglasses, dragon wagon, glow-in-the-dark stars, Thomas the train book, toy iPhone, and an Elmo coloring book.

Thanks so much for all those who came to celebrate with us, we had such a great time!!! Also, a special thanks to the wonderful grandparents who mailed him his goodies:)

I just love this boy so much and thankful for the wonderful spirit that he brings to our home. Happy Birthday buddy!!!



it has cooled down below 100 degrees here in the desert! Braden took advantage of this awesome weather by playing in our dirt:)
Meanwhile, Brooklyn sat on the porch and watched her crazy brother. {While I took a hundred pictures her.}
I am so happy we can play outside again--hopefully we will have grass soon...

Carter's Angels

I just designed a blog for this cute little boy that I babysit sometimes. You can check it out here. He is such an amazing little boy and I am so inspired by his strength.


Love This Boy

Enough said.

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