A Spooktacular Halloween!!!!

Braden and Roxy all dressed up

I just wanted to carve a pumpkin so I could have these-
Roasted Pumpkin Seeds, they are SOOO YUMMY!!!

We went Trunk or Treating tonight at our ward building. It was so much fun and much easier than going door to door.

Here is Braden with the kids from our Primary

The Whole Fam
Hope you all had a fun Halloween!!!



So it has been a VERY LOOOOOONG process, but we have finally done it...We have grass in our backyard! YEAH!!!! We are very excited and would like to thank Troy and Josh for helping us out today! You guys are awesome!!
The guys working hard!
Almost Done...
Braden is so excited, he just couldn't contain himself.
He is loving his new grass!

We had a little extra, so we put it in our front yard! Don't I look great?
Oh, isn't it such a beautiful sight?!?


Park Play Date

Playing on the big toy
Loving the swings

"Im soooo thirsty!"

It may be October here, but it is still so HOT!
He is so over it, time to go home.


Garlock Gallery


P-A-R-T-Y? Because I Gotta!!

Braden eating his first hot dog!
Proud Parents
Tom grilling the burgers and hot dogs.
Sam and Uncle Mikey
Kylie,Aspen,Austin,Todd playing on the rocks.
The Party Animals!!!
Dang, I forgot to take a picture until after I started cutting :[
"I am ONE!!!"
Braden (me) opening his presents.

Thanks so much to all of you who came to celebrate Braden's first year! We had so much fun and Braden LOVES all of his new toys and clothes!
All of Braden's new "Stuff"
Grami, he loves his new ASU cape!
This is the BYU outfit from
Grandpa Rick and Grandma Debbie
It's so cute, thanks so much!!
And last but not least, his new "Big Boy" carseat!!
Thanks Grandpa and Grandma Bateman!

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