Park Play Date

Playing on the big toy
Loving the swings

"Im soooo thirsty!"

It may be October here, but it is still so HOT!
He is so over it, time to go home.


Jen said...

Hi Kassie! Braden was so cute at the park today! I am glad I got a chance to meet you, and look forward to other playdates. I know our ward has started meeting on Fridays at the JR park at 10. I usually go so hope to see ya sometime. Have a great weekend. And I love your family pictures.. you guys look so happy :)

Kasey said...

I'm so lame that I didn't take pictures. Braden sure has a mond of him own for sure! He's a cutie. He'll be so excited when he can climb up in the toys with the big kids.

Shauna said...

HI Tom and Kassie. This is Shauna ~ Debs Daughter. . .I snuck on to your blog last week from my mom's page and can't get enough. :) Your little guy is so cute. . .he seems so happy and full of life. Love Love your family pictures. Hope all is well in Arizona and Happy Halloween. :)

The Bottjer Family said...

Sorry we missed this park play day- Landon's looking forward to hanging out with Braden. =)

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