So it has been a VERY LOOOOOONG process, but we have finally done it...We have grass in our backyard! YEAH!!!! We are very excited and would like to thank Troy and Josh for helping us out today! You guys are awesome!!
The guys working hard!
Almost Done...
Braden is so excited, he just couldn't contain himself.
He is loving his new grass!

We had a little extra, so we put it in our front yard! Don't I look great?
Oh, isn't it such a beautiful sight?!?


Drew and Tiffany Garlock said...

Love the grass! Yeah it is a lot of work but it is so worth it in the end, even though there is still more work ahead, mowing watering, etc.. And now your front yard wont look like everyone else boring rock yards too. Hooray for green grass!

Bryce Family said...

I am so excited about the grass. You will love it! Especially this time of year! You look awesome! Even all dirty! Enjoy the grass! We need to have a doggie play date. Ryan thinks he wants to adopt Roxy!

Kasey said...

Having grass is amazing! Like how you stole my idea to put extra in the front. J/K. I hate rock front!

Debbie said...

A yard to play in!!! Yeah for Braden.

Matt and Leigh said...

I guess grass doesn't grow on trees in the AZ like it did in Oregon...if you left something outside for more than fifteen minutes, it would turn green. Congrats on the new beautification of the home.

The Bottjer Family said...

Yeah for grass! With your mound out front it will be easy for people to find your house among all the rock front yards. Ha hah.

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