A Spooktacular Halloween!!!!

Braden and Roxy all dressed up

I just wanted to carve a pumpkin so I could have these-
Roasted Pumpkin Seeds, they are SOOO YUMMY!!!

We went Trunk or Treating tonight at our ward building. It was so much fun and much easier than going door to door.

Here is Braden with the kids from our Primary

The Whole Fam
Hope you all had a fun Halloween!!!


Kasey said...

His pumpkin costume is way cute! And you dressed up Roxy. You are such a good mommy. Did you carve taht pumpkin? Good job Kass! I'm excited for Sunday. Do you want me to bring an extra table for outside?

Bryce Family said...

Roxy looks stinkin cute! So funny! I love the pic of the primary kids. They probably can't wait to be in you and tom's class... the question is can you two wait that long? I think you should be primary lifers! You are awesome!

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