How i Met Your Mother

Tom's brother Grant gave us the first season of this show for Christmas, and at first I must say I was kinda skeptical. BUT, we started watching it a couple weeks ago and have already watched all 44 episodes of the first and second season. I have season three in the mail and have been recording season 5 on the DVR. I never thought I would say there was another show equivalent to Friends, but this is it! I would definitely recommend it. Sorry this is so random, I was just so excited about this show, I had to share!


Weekend with Grandpa Rick

Tom's dad came to visit us a couple weekends ago. It was tons of fun! We all went to the amazing Anthem park and took advantage of the beautiful weather.
To top it all off, we ordered Barro's Pizza and watched Slumdog Millionaire. Afterwards, we were all pretty exhausted....
It was a great weekend. Thanks for coming Grandpa Rick!!!


Rain, Rain, GO AWAY!

So, this is pretty much the only thing I have seen and heard the last four days (and nights). The entire state of Arizona is getting dumped on by waves of thunderstorms (snowstorms in the north). I haven't even seen the sun in three days! We've already met our total rainfall from all of last year in a span of 12 hours. And it isn't stopping there. It is pretty much constant rain until Saturday. The streets are flooded, people are having to sand bag their pools, not to mention all the flash flood warnings, avalanche warnings, and tornado watches and a state of emergency has been declared for the state. I know this stuff goes on all over the country, but this is definitely not something we are used to in AZ. The last month or so, we have been outside pretty much all day. Now that we are stuck inside, I am going crazy! Usually I wouldn't mind the rain, but I think this may be over doing it! Come back my sunny blue skies...


Fun New Stuff

This week has been so fun! We have got some new stuff to keep us busy. First, I had to sell my jogger because Braden just wouldn't sit in it anymore and I was sick of trying to make him. So, I found this sweet new sit n stand stroller on craigslist and the kids LOVE it, and that means SO DO I!

Braden has outgrown his little trike and was ready for his first two wheeler. He caught on so fast and is making laps around the neighborhood. He's gonna have those training wheels off in no time!

My friend Becki gave me some sidewalk chalk that her kids were done with, and Braden has LOVED coloring all over the porch in our backyard. Good times. I love winter in AZ!


Wordle Creations

I found this REALLY COOL website the other day called Wordle. You can create a word collage with words that you come up with on your own, or you can enter a website or blog and they will pull words from your page and create it for you. I decided to put together a little description for each member of our family (I had Tom help me with mine). I have been wanting to do something like this for such a long time, and this website makes it so much easier. I think I am even going to get these printed, I love them!! Go to to do your own.


New Years Eve, Rose Bowl & Sunbeams

This year we went to the Garlock's famous New Years Eve Party where Tom's uncle brought out the fake mustaches and Braden ate his weight in grapes. We also played a hilarious game that I can't remember the name of. Good times!

That morning Tom made his way to Pasadena, CA to go to the Rose Bowl with some friends.
Yes, they lost:( Enough of that....

My little boy started Sunbeams on Sunday! Crazy.
He struggled a little bit when we first walked in, because he is so used to going to play with the toys in nursery. Hopefully he will do better next week. Hopefully.
And here is Brooklyn, just because she is SO CUTE!


Being Together is the Best Gift of All

Sorry I'm just getting around to posting Christmas. We are finally starting to get over this nasty cold/flu. Christmas was the best! My family came on the 20th and we started it off by-

On the 23rd we went to the fabulous 2 for $20 at Chili's then off we went to the-

The first half of Christmas Eve, we spent with the awesome Garlocks-

Then we went to my cousin Mandy's house in Gilbert-

On Christmas morning we all got spoiled-

Here are some of our favorites-

Sadly, my family had to leave on the 27th and ever since, Braden has been walking around the house calling for them. It is so sad. When I tell him that they went home, he says "Oh, they'll be right back." Poor guy. I can't believe it's already all over. It's kind of sad, but I am excited for 2010! It's going to be a great year!! Hope everyone had a safe and fun holiday! New Years Eve and Rose Bowl pictures to come.....

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