New Years Eve, Rose Bowl & Sunbeams

This year we went to the Garlock's famous New Years Eve Party where Tom's uncle brought out the fake mustaches and Braden ate his weight in grapes. We also played a hilarious game that I can't remember the name of. Good times!

That morning Tom made his way to Pasadena, CA to go to the Rose Bowl with some friends.
Yes, they lost:( Enough of that....

My little boy started Sunbeams on Sunday! Crazy.
He struggled a little bit when we first walked in, because he is so used to going to play with the toys in nursery. Hopefully he will do better next week. Hopefully.
And here is Brooklyn, just because she is SO CUTE!


Debbie said...

Post your Wordles---I am excited to see them! Love the glam girl picture. She is such a dolly ♥

Kassie Garlock said...

There you go Deb:)

Debbie said...

You never disappoint!

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