What is my problem?

I just can't seem to blog like I want to. I really do want to keep a journal of our lives, but our lives keep getting in the way, haha! I am trying though. I am just doing it in bulk. Keep scrolling down...there are 8 new posts below!!

Brooklyn's Words

I have been wanted to make a page like this for awhile and Chelle's new Stitch Me Down Alpha was just the perfect fit! I tried so hard to get a smile from her, but she was intent on glaring at me, lol! 
Too bad after I made this page I keep remembering more and more words she says. I just can't keep up with this girl!


My Sweet Valentine

I am so in love with this kit!! It is called My Sweet Valentine by Chelle's Creations. I had so much fun scrapping all my pictures from when Tom and I were dating.

I made a page like this awhile ago, but I thought I would spice it up with new elements. For the first few months that I was dating Tom I kept a journal and wrote down what we did each night...and this is what I turned it into. Our Love Story-

And this is the little Valentine I made for the grandparents from the kids-

and for Braden's teacher-

and for his little classmates-


City of Blocks

He is so proud of the city he built!


Scary Day

It was 2:25 and I was just about to get ready to go meet Braden at the bus, when my phone rang...It wasn't a number I recognized, so I decided not to answer it. They left a voicemail so I check it and my heart dropped. Braden was in the health office with a pretty severe cut in the back of his head. He was on the playground at recess and smacked the back of his head on a metal pole. She was pretty sure he was going to need staples based on the amount of blood. I was freaking out. A million things raced in my mind....I really don't think he could have handled staples or stitches. They would have had to sedate him for sure! I grabbed Brooklyn and we rushed to the school. I walked in the office and there Braden sat with tears in his eyes holding some gauze to the back of his head. My heart broke for him. 
We headed back home where I put him in the bath to try and clean off all the dried blood from his hair to see how deep it was. Luckily it looked a lot worse than it was. Apparently heads just bleed like crazy! Good to know. I put neosporin on it and wrapped it, and he is now taking a nice long nap. I am just so thankful it wasn't worse!


Superbowl Sunday

My two boys watching the game....Go Green Bay!! Oh, who am I kidding?!? We mostly just chatted it up and ate delicious food. We may have a caught a few of the commercials though, haha!!


Remembering Brooklyn's Blessing Day

Chelle's Creations came out with the most beautiful kit this week. I just had to share these precious pages of Brooklyn's blessing...

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