You Shine Brighter than the Sun

Just hanging out in her Bumbo enjoying the summer air (and her toes, haha)!


Brynlee's Blessing Day

Even though Brynlee cried through the entire blessing, Tom did such a great job and didn't even get distracted. She is such a good girl, but if she is tired or hungry- she is going to let you know about it! I think she liked hearing herself in the microphone :)


Seek Adventure

Journaling reads: When daddy came to visit Rexburg, we woke up bright and early to climb the "R" mountain. Even though it is a pretty hard hike, you were such a tough boy and loved every second of it!! The next few days you couldn't stop talking about it and wanted to go again and again!!


Dancing on Sunday

Just a little dance they made up before church. They are so hilarious, LOL!


Down and Dirty

My parents had some bark delivered to their house for their yard. The kids had so much fun shoveling it into the wheel barrels. Well, at least they did for few minutes, then they were back to playing, lol!


iPhone Love


Braden's Story

Lately Braden has loved to tell me all kinds of stories. Most of them are too long to upload/post, but here is a condensed version :)


Scooter Love

Got the kids Scooters for Easter and it has been so much fun watching them this summer. They are nice because if we are going to the park or something, I can just fold them up and throw them in the trunk instead of trying to fit their bikes in there :)


Pre-School Grad!


Too Cool!

I got the kids some sunglasses last spring! They are loving them ;) Definitely Too Cool!!


My Brooklyn,

So full of energy and always ready to have a good time! You are such a joy in my life. I love you baby girl!!!


Happy Birthday Daddy!!


No More Training Wheels!

Last spring we got out Braden's bike and he rode it for a few days with the training wheels on. Then my dad decided he was ready to take them off! He was pretty hesitant at first, but he did so good!! Here he is only the first day of practicing!

Now he is riding like a maniac trying to go off jumps and do popawheeleys (sp?)! He goes so fast it scares me to death. He pretty much has scabs on his knees and arms all the time...
...but it doesn't stop this boy. I got him a Razor scooter for Easter, but really, all he wants to do is ride his bike!


Happy 3rd Birthday Brooklyn Rae!!!

My sweet little diva turned THREE!! Wow, she is a heartbreaker isn't she!?! She had so much fun at her Tinkerbell birthday party. We invited all of 'her' friends and had yummy tinkerbell cupcakes! Then we took the party to Arctic Circle and they got to play in the indoor (because it is freezing out!) play place and have dinner. Then afterwards we had her own little birthday cake! Then it was present time!! Lots of new summer clothes, a tinkerbell doll and blanket, princess puzzles and books, and some more fake makeup and jewelry in it's own purse! Brooklyn loved every second of it and ate up all the attention! Here she is in a video on the way home...She is just so happy to be THREE!!!


Brynlee's 1st Bath

She wasn't so sure about her first bath....but she loves them now! If she is every fussy, I just put her in the bath and she is happy as can be!


Baby Minnie

Oh, my sweet little Bryners! This is her first week at church and as you can tell, just loving her dress!! Brooklyn has a little Minnie Mouse doll and she is dressed in pretty much the exact dress so, I just couldn't help but scrap this page with the title baby Minnie...


Together We Are Strong!

Here is the layout that inspired my blog design....A couple days after Brynlee was born we took a picture of our whole family! It took a little bit of photoshop, haha, but we finally got a pretty good picture :) I just loved this kit and the title, that I had to use it for my whole blog. The journaling reads:

Not going to lie, it has been a rough year for our family. Lots of ups and downs! But over the last few months if feels like it has started to climb steadily. I know that is doesn’t happen all at once and I am learning to be patient and trust that in the Lord’s time, we will be together as a family again. Although times are hard, I know that when we hold together as a family we are blessed with extra strength to get through the day. I am just so grateful to have such a wonderful family and I know that with the Lord’s help we can endure to the end. For when we are together, we are STRONG! 


Braden Reading

I think I may have a little actor on my hands :) I got this book at the library and it came with a cd that can read the book to him. After listening to it a few times, I heard Braden reading it just like them. It cracks me up!!


Brynlee's Zebra Carseat!

Here she is in her new carseat on the way to her first doctors appointment. Such a cutie!!


Brynlee Nicole Garlock

{well 5 months ago, that is}
Labor and delivery couldn't have gone any smoother. I starting having contractions around noon. At about 6pm they began to be a lot stronger and every couple minutes. So off to the hospital...They checked me and said I was dilated to 5cm, so I was admitted. I was super relieved- time for an epidural, wahoo!! Took a nap and watched a couple episodes of "Friends" and then, it was time to push. She was born at 12:54 am on February 19, 2012.  
She weighed in at a whopping 7 pounds, 2 ounces and was 20 inches long. Absolutely perfect!!
First Bath!!
The next day the kids came for a visit at the hospital-
Jounaling reads: You were so excited to hold your brand new sister Brynlee at the hospital!! You are such a great big brother and help out whenever Brynlee is crying. You love to make funny faces at her to make her laugh at you. I hope you two are the best of friends.
And here she is all dressed and ready to go home! What a sweetie pie!!!


Thomas and His Friends Song

Braden is seriously obsessed :)

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