Rain, Rain, GO AWAY!

So, this is pretty much the only thing I have seen and heard the last four days (and nights). The entire state of Arizona is getting dumped on by waves of thunderstorms (snowstorms in the north). I haven't even seen the sun in three days! We've already met our total rainfall from all of last year in a span of 12 hours. And it isn't stopping there. It is pretty much constant rain until Saturday. The streets are flooded, people are having to sand bag their pools, not to mention all the flash flood warnings, avalanche warnings, and tornado watches and a state of emergency has been declared for the state. I know this stuff goes on all over the country, but this is definitely not something we are used to in AZ. The last month or so, we have been outside pretty much all day. Now that we are stuck inside, I am going crazy! Usually I wouldn't mind the rain, but I think this may be over doing it! Come back my sunny blue skies...

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Debbie said...

I hear ya on that one!!

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