P-A-R-T-Y? Because I Gotta!!

Braden eating his first hot dog!
Proud Parents
Tom grilling the burgers and hot dogs.
Sam and Uncle Mikey
Kylie,Aspen,Austin,Todd playing on the rocks.
The Party Animals!!!
Dang, I forgot to take a picture until after I started cutting :[
"I am ONE!!!"
Braden (me) opening his presents.

Thanks so much to all of you who came to celebrate Braden's first year! We had so much fun and Braden LOVES all of his new toys and clothes!
All of Braden's new "Stuff"
Grami, he loves his new ASU cape!
This is the BYU outfit from
Grandpa Rick and Grandma Debbie
It's so cute, thanks so much!!
And last but not least, his new "Big Boy" carseat!!
Thanks Grandpa and Grandma Bateman!


Mikey Garlock Family said...

Heart the carseat! He's such a big boy I can't believe it! Does he loves the ball shooter outer thing?
~Kasey =)
PS Braden so made the G-Lock family blog!

Debbie said...

I am glad we have some fall birthdays so we can take advantage of the beautiful weather. It was fun and a nice break from the usual Saturday stuff.

The Bottjer Family said...

So cute! It looks like you guys had a blast at his party. We should have a playdate soon (not that Landon can do much though)

Debbie said...

It sure looks like a fun birthday party. How could it not be with all the Arizona Garlock's there. I can't believe how big Braden is getting. We need to plan another visit before he really grows up! It was sure fun to see you guys this summer. I wish we didn't have so many States in between us! Give Braden a big kiss from Grandpa Rick and Grandma Deb.... Miss you guys!!

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