Braden's First Haircut

I know you are thinking "What hair??" Growing hair on the top of his head has been a little bit slow, but for some reason he had a ton of curly hair in the back and he was beginning to sport a mullet! As hard as it was to cut his only hair, I had to do it. Now he is just bald all
over:( Oh well, he is still very HANDSOME!

He loved the buzzing of the clippers!


Kasey said...

What a good boy to let you do that! I'm sorry, but I have been gone all day so I will send those pictures to you tomorrow. I'm super tired! I did my first observation today so I was busy. Look for pictures soon!

The Garlocks.... said...

I think mullets are cute on little boys! C'mon, you only get to grow a mullet once in your life! I would have the hardest time cutting Parkers hair because I never wanted his curls to be cut off! Which they kind of have! I am sorry we didn't make it to the party. My kids were so so so sick and my mom was in town! Thanks for the cake! I think that is what Troy ate for dinner! Hope the b-day party was fun!

Bryce Family said...

He is so dang cute! Nice job on the haircut!

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