So I have stayed home with my son for 10 months now and as much as I love it, I must say it can get a little boring at times! I was a nanny for 3 years and I found myself missing those days... I decided to send out an email to my ward for childcare, and I found two wonderful children to watch in my home! Umu who is 18 months and Carter who is 21 months. They are both so cute and I am so happy to be back with a house full of kids! Here are a few pics of Braden and Umu playing together.

"Come here little guy!"


Kasey said...

How fun! I knew you had said you were going to be getting 2 kids, but I wasn't sure if it happened yet. I guess I know my answer! 2 kids is way more colorful huh?

Ryan and Denyse said...

Cute pics!! Braden looks so big! Love your blog :)

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