Tid Bits

This is what I walked in on this afternoon.....Honestly, I wasn't as mad as I thought I would be. It was kind of funny and in a weird sort of way, I was proud of his creativity. haha. But, I didn't want him to know that, so I did make him help clean it up hoping he will think twice before doing it again. Wishful thinking....

For Labor day we headed to the Garlock's for a pool party and BBQ. After we were all sunned out we heading inside to play-
Braden and Kylee were rockin' it on the drums!
Brooklyn LOVES to eat. I don't know how she is so tiny, cause she really does eat so much. Last week I introduced her to these little babies-
She was in heaven!

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The Bottjer Family said...

I have been looking for those biscuits for the past 2 weeks. None of the grocery stores here carry them. I was bummed because Landon loved them and I was hoping to give them to Tyler to help her with her teething. I call them "gookie" cookies because they get really messy!

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