Images of ME

Thanks Jen for the great post idea:)

On my next birthday I will be:

A Place I would like to travel:

My favorite place is:

My favorite objects are:


My favortite food is:

My favorite animal is:

My favorite color is:

My first home was:

My home is now:

The name of my pet is:

A bad habit of mine is:

My first job was:

My Hobbies are:


This is what I want for Chistmas:

My major in college is:


Mike and Debbie said...

Cute picture of you and the kids. I miss you at work. Those were the days. I want a Bosch, too. Maybe Santa have room in his bag for two this year.

Kasey said...

I want a Bosch too! What a cute idea! I'll have to steal it and do it in one of these upcoming posts. Yeah for great ideas!

Drew and Tiffany Garlock said...

I would love a bosch! I have a kitchen maid and i love it but someday when my life is not so crazy and I have time I would love to stay home and be a little suzy homemaker :)

Bryce Family said...

Kassie... didn't get to tell you and Tom tonight how much I trully appreciate and love you both! YOu are awesome primary teachers and I love that Tom shares his thoughts... What up with no one talking? :) Anyway, love you guys a ton and am so glad I get to work with you! LEt me know if you get your Bosch! We will do some baking!

The Garlocks.... said...

I LOVE MY BOSCH! I use it almost every day! Every girl has to have a bosch! Make Tom buy you one for Christmas! There is a store in UT you can get them for pretty decent and you don't have to pay sales tax so it is a plus!

Kim West said...

That is a fun idea!! I love looking at your blog. I haven't been able to for a while for some reason, but now it is up and running. I like it a lot. I was wondering if I could get your address? tis the seanson... Thanks Kass.

Jen said...

cute, i just now saw this!! So di d you get your bosch? I dont have one, but I hear they are amazing. I love looking at your cute blog!

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