Deck the Halls

Here is the Christmas decor I have accumulated over the last two years. All the twinkling lights, ornaments, yummy candles, and nativity scenes make Christmas my favorite time of year. I am still working on my collection, its not much, but I am getting there! Merry Christmas!


Kasey said...

So cute! I think that you are in love with snow men! It looks like your collection is quite large. It seems you have more than me! I love Christmas decorations. I'm so sad we are missing the party. Have fun!

Drew and Tiffany Garlock said...

I love decorations but I don't have very many. lol Lets see why..
1st year married- my mom decorated
2nd year- we moved into our house like two days before christmas
3rd year- WE have been so busy and haven't had the time.
I am totally jealous! Besides my tree all of our decorations will fit in one plastic tub :(

Shauna said...

Love your christmas decoration. :) You collection is actually pretty big and way stinkin' cute. I think we threw up a manger, the xmas tree and called it good. :) Merry Christmas.

Drew and Tiffany Garlock said...

So my blog header/picture is all messed up and kasey said yours was but you fixed it. So how do I fix mine?

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