My 18 Month Old Boy

My laptop has arrived!! After hours of transferring my files and pictues, I have finally got everything up and running. I have done a couple pages for Braden's 18 months...It truly feels like he was born last week, these past 18 months have really flown. He amazes me daily with his quickly developing vocabulary, and learning to express himself. He is so active, it is a full-time job keeping up with him. He is so curious and won't stop opening and closing doors, cupboards, and drawers. His new favorite thing is pushing around his cars and trucks. Everyday while we are walking to the gym he laughs and laughs at the cars as they drive by, it is so hilarious:) He is such a joy to us and I feel so blessed to have such a sweet little boy in our lives!


Shauna said...

OH my he is just the cutest little thing. :) It's true time just flies right on by.

Louisa said...

He is a cute little guy! Your layots look awesome!

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