Scrap Matters Challenge

Yesterday I entered my first scrapbook challenge. Basically they give you a template to use and you can use and change it anyway you want. The rules for this challenge were to use a picture that was 5 years or older that was special to you. I chose this picture of my sister and I in the tub when I was 6. Good times:) If I win the challenge, I get $5 at their store! Haha, I don't really care about that, I just love doing it! Adobe Photoshop is so awesome.

**Update- I got 3rd out of like 30 people! Yay! I get a free kit called Riptide:)


Debbie said...

Ok---you win!!

Amber said...

Congrats, by the way. I saw you won while searching for freebies. Very cute!

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