Rexburg Here We Come!

Braden and I are off to Rexburg aka "the Burg" tomorrow! I am so excited to see my family and get out of this heat... I really need to be washing clothes and packing right now, but no, I am scrapin' and blogging! I had some cute pictures I just had to finish before we left. I probably won't get to post while I am gone, but don't worry I'll have plenty of pics to show off when I get back:) Hope you all have a great Mom's Day!!!

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Broc & Amber said...

Your so dang good at your scrapbooking! I got photoshop 7.0 that my mom had and I can't quite figure it out. I did one page but can't figure out how to save it into a different file on the comp. Do you use photoshop elements or just photoshop?

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