Layouts for Chelle's Creations Part 2

I have some new pictures today! Since I can only use Chelle's Creations products for personal use, it has forced me to finally scrap some layouts for myself....Hooray!! It has been so much fun working on logos and blog makeovers all day, but I am happy to get back to just plain digital scrapping again :)

(You can click the images to go to my gallery and to see the credits.)
A couple weekends ago we went to the best water around, Lake Roosevelt. It is so huge and you hardley ever see any other boats, plus the water is pure glass! So much fun, and I actaully got up on the wakeboard and tried to do a couple jumps. Ever since I crashed badly last summer, I have been terrified to try, but I went slow and finally got in a couple sweet jumps! All four of us also all got on the tube and went for a ride as a family. Braden was more scared than Brooklyn was, haha!

Tom has been golfing a lot these days for work and so last Saturday I went to the shooting range and putting greens to hit some balls with him. We tried to get out early, but it was still scorching hot. But it was actually really fun and plus I got to spend some time with Tom w/o two monsters running around us. Thanks Sammy for watching the children :)

Then Monday (Labor Day) Tom had to go into work in the morning so I went to his Aunt Debbie's and messed around on the computer with her. She is like the only friend I have that likes to play on the computer as much as I do! Then everybody met there and we went swimming and had a BBQ. It doesn't get any better than that!!!

My mom and dad went on a little trip with their friends to Denver to see the Dodgers play the Rockies. I didn't have any pics for this kit, so I did this one for my parents :)

These next four, most of you have already seen the pictures, but here they are again, all scrapped up with Chelle's amazing kits.
Well, that's all from me. Happy Friday everyone! Have a great weekend!!!

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