Let's Go Ducks!

Last weekend we went to the Duck game at ASU. Tom and I had planned to go, but when we went to buy tickets, we found out that if we wanted to actually see the game, the tickets were really pricey. So we were sad, but had decided to just BBQ and watch the game on TV.....But then Tom's brother saved the day and at the last minute got some tickets!! We were totally psyched!! We had the wonderful Rich and Lacee watch the kiddos and we were off to ASU. Even though the game didn't start until 7:30pm, it was a super hot day and there were so many people in that stadium, it made it a sticky mess. We were surrounded by ASU fans and at first it kinda sucked, but as we, I mean the Ducks, started to dominate them, they shut their mouths pretty quick. Haha. It was a really fun time and the Ducks killed it! I am so excited for this season! There is something about this time of year that is just so fun! Tom, that lucky duck (lol, duck, get it?) got to go to Eugene, Oregon to see them play Stanford this weekend! I am so jealous, but someone had to stay home with the children :) I will be back later for an update on that game. And just get ready to hear something super cool that happened to Tom at the airport....oh, you will just have to come back and see what it is....Until then, here is a layout (using Play the Game by Chelle's Creations) and a sweet little video from our time at the Sun Devil Stadium!!

They played this song at the staduim like 10 times during the game.....It was a good night for us, but not for them. Haha!!!
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Rhinestones and Bling said...

We had such a fun time with the kiddos and am so happy you had a great time!!

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