Cousin Love

The other day while Brooke was taking Parker to the Doctor I got to watch Abby!! Her and Braden had so much fun swinging in the hammock. (Brooke I will print you one of these too!)


Kasey said...

Cute kids and cute layout. Maybe Thursday or Firday we can get together. Sound good? I need to get my digi on!

Kasey said...

Grandma Debbie here---Two of the cutest kids ever!!! I have to log in as Kasey cause I can't my address to log on. I don't want to bother with figuring it out just now.I would rather look at grandbaby smiles.

The Garlocks.... said...

That is so adorable! You for sure have to give one of those to me! LOVE IT!!! Too bad there cousins!!!

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