Bed Makeover

I bought this bedspread a couple years ago at IKEA for like $30. We are always sitting on it and it is totally trashed. I hate everything about our bedroom, it is so tiny and has basically NO closet, but....

my mom bought us this gorgeous bedspread for our birthday's and I absolutely LOVE it!! It makes the room a bit easier to bear. Thanks Mom!


Kreg and Anna said...

Your bed looks great! I love lots of pillows! I would probably have like 20 if Kreg would let me. I need help I really want to try digi scrapping but I'm nervous. Where exactly do you go for your program and all of your stuff? is it hard? I have a MAC so will that make a difference? ok let me know what you think!
thanks Kass!you can email me if you think it would be better

The Bottjer Family said...

yeah for makeovers! your bedroom looks super cute! you gotta love birthday presents!

Kasey said...

It's beautiful!
Mexico is the 15th to 19th. YOu can always come back early if you need to though.

Debbie said...

Hey---I remember going to Ikea to buy that first bedspread with you. It has such memories for me. How can you just toss it away, like it means nothing?! Really though--love your new one. You two are very up-town now.

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