Catchin' Up

Braden went to Nursery on Sunday for the first time. He did so good and didn't cry at all:) Good work Braden!!!On Saturday, it was so hot here, Tom and Braden had a waterfight!!! It was so funny to watch and Braden LOVED it!


Shauna said...

You seriously are an amazing scrapbooker. Every page you put on here is so stinkin' adorable. And your little guy is just darling. It looks like he is full of personaily and life. I'm so glad I can peek in on your guy's little life. :)

Debbie said...

Cute post! You log in-
-go to setting
-go to lay out
-go to edit on blog posts box
-find the comment box and change the wording
-save changes at the bottom

Broc & Amber said...

You have the cutest little guy! I'm jealous the weather looks great. How did you get your Header up top to look so good? I downloaded that scrapbook paper too but I don't know where to go to Digital Scrapbook then copy it to my blog? any hints or ideas??

Tara Mortensen said...

He is Adorable! I love that pic of him in his church clothes. He just looks so handsome! SO when are you gonna come see my preggo self? I dont think I will be making it to AZ anytime soon(I WISH) so you gotta come see me.....PRETTY PLEASE!

Jen said...

Braden is adorable, cutie pie with a tie in nursery..glad he enjoyed it. Love all the L.O.'s. You are the best scrapbooker.. you tell me it is easy as pie, but what you do looks like magic. I am calling you girl!!

Broc & Amber said...

YEAH! I'm excited, I really want to get into digital scrapbooking cuz I can't keep all the stuff out at my house or my kids will get into it. my email is (any ideas are great!)

Jake and Annika said...

Kassie! Long time no see! We have to catch up. Looks like you're doing great, and your family is so cute!

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