Taking the Good with the BAAAADDD

You will have to bear with me today, I am having scrapbooking withdrawals. Last Saturday I bought the amazing Adobe Photoshop Elements 6 and I can't even use it!!! This darn computer I am on has exactly 94 MB of space left on it and I need 2 GB of space to download Adobe. My brand-spankin' new laptop was suppose to be here on Friday, but to my horror, I got this email today:

At Dell, our customers are our top priority and we regret when we are unable to ship our products by the original estimate provided. Although we anticipated being able to ship your order sooner, we are experiencing an unexpected delay and have adjusted the estimated ship date to 5/03/08. We value your business and appreciate your patience.
Breath......Stay calm.......okay, I am better. I just needed to vent a little. Since Braden, Tom, and I have been on our death beds puking our guts out this week, the thought of my laptop arriving was the only thing keeping me going. Guess I will have to fall back on the next best thing:
Brand new episodes on Thursday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Louisa said...

I am so sorry about your laptop. I hope that it surprises you and shows up early. I have learned a couple of new tricks on Elements I'd love to show you. I hope you guys feel better soon. That bug is really going around. So far we've been healthy but who knows how long that will last!

Debbie said...

I'm sorry you were sick. I haven't been a very good auntie. Glad you are feelin' better.

Broc & Amber said...

Oh that stinks! It will be great when it does arrive though. I'm just jealous that you know how to use photoshop. I downloaded Photoshop 7.0 cuz my mom had it and I made my first page and can't figure out how to save it into my file on my desktop. I am a nerd or something!

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