Braden Thomas Garlock

On my next birthday I will be:

My Favorite Places are:

My Favorite Toys are:

My Favorite Objects are:

My Favorite Pastimes are:

My Favorite Foods are:

A Bad Habit of Mine is:
My Celebrity Lookalike is:
Thats it....Braden now tags Parker, Kylee, Skye, Landon, and Adrie.


The Garlocks.... said...

so cute! You took a lot of time to post pictures! By the way, he does not look like Doc. He is so much cuter. His hair is so much better than Doc's...Braden looks like a cabbage patch doll! He is cute!!

Annalee Taylor said...

lol! That was such a cute tag...he doesnt look like that scary guy from back from the future at all...he is cute!!

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