Crazy Week

I finally got done scrapping the pics from last week. It has been crazy. Last Friday we got family pictures taken (I will post them soon!) Then on Saturday we went to Makutu's. It is a HUGE playland full of jungle gyms and slides. It was so much fun, but Braden hurt his leg on one of the slides, so we had to leave early:( We drove to Aunt Debbies house so I could lay him down for a nap, and then Tom and I got some sun in their pool.

Then on Sunday we had Tom's cousin Mitch and his fiance over for dinner. Braden helped me clean the spoon from the cake I made.

For FHE on Monday we all took the boat to the Lake. It was amazing (minus Braden getting stung by a bee!) We were able to tube, wakeboard, and eat some KFC. It is always a party with the Garlocks.

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Debbie said...

Kass---You are the wo"man". Look at the "air" you are sportin'. It was a fun trip and the first of many!! Thanks again for all of your help!

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