Floating, Napping, & Playing

On Saturday we went to Mesa to swim in Aunt Debbie's (aka Grandma's) pool. The water is like bath water now and Braden had a BLAST! I was so nervous though, he just wanted to swim and kick by himself (typical 1 1/2 year old). After a couple hours he was so tired and his eyes were red, we had to MAKE him get out and he didn't like that at all.

On the way home he knocked out in like 5 minutes he didn't even finish is fav candy:)

On Sunday he discovered Tom's shoes......

That is the only thing he wants to do now, he is so funny!


Kasey said...

I love that swimming kids turn into very tired kids! What happened to his knee? Poor kid!

Debbie said...

I am loving the tube AND the arm floaties----he for sure will not sink! He is welcome to float in my pool----anytime :) On another note---love the shoe page---his hand holding the letter--WOW--you are an amazing scrapbooker!!

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