Money Down The Drain

Okay- I am in major need of some ideas to help me with this:

This is one thing that I can NOT live without for very long. A couple days ago when I went to unload the dishwasher I noticed it hadn't drained all the way out, so I decided to run it one more time to see if it would go down. No luck, it just made it worse!! I took off all the pieces and used a cup to get most the water out so I could get a better look, but I couldn't find anything that would have clogged it. I always rinse off the dishes before I put them in, so I don't understand what could have happened. Yesterday we poured a whole bottle of this stuff

over the drain, but it didn't do anything!! Has this ever happened to anyone else?? Please help!! I will try anything....I really don't want to have to to pay a plumber unless I absolutely have to. THANKS:)


Tina Upson said...

Have you pulled out the drain and washed it?? My hubby knows how!!!

Rich and Lacee said...

Hey Kassie,
Pat McCabe in our ward is a plumber and his number is 655-5876 if you happen to need it. What a bummer! We're back and will be checking in with you soon!!

Kasey said...

Call the builder. Isn't under warrenty? Good luck with that!

Sonda Bryce said...

seriously... pat mccabe in our ward is amazing! Give him a call if it is still broken.

The Garlocks.... said...

look it up online and see if anyone else has had a problem! I swear the internet has all sorts of information like that! Good luck because I HATE DOING DISHES!!

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