Bouncin' Birthday Party

Things have been pretty crazy around here. Friday night Tom and I went out for his birthday. It isn't for another week, but I am getting huge and didn't want to risk putting it off any longer. I dropped off Braden (thanks to the Herberts!!!!) and met Tom at Chili's for some yummy chicken pasta and fajitas. Then we went to the movie Knowing with Nicolas Cage. It was crazy intense and so fun to see at the theater! Then on Saturday we went to Kylee and Skye's bouncin' birthday party- check out the cute invite I made:)

Braden played nonstop and had a BLAST!!!

Today I had yet another doctor apt and found out that I am only dilated to a 2....still got a ways to go. I am so ready!!!! The last couple weeks are the worst for me- I have no patience! I just want to hold my baby girl! Hopefully the next post will be pictures of her:)


kasey said...

You'll hold her soon enough. I'm excited for her too! Thanks for the invitation. It turned out so cute!

The Bottjer Family said...

Looks like you're keeping yourself busy. I've been thinking about you and hope that baby Brooklyn comes soon! Let me know if you need anything!

Kira's World said...

Good luck with everything. I am sure she will be as beautiful as her mother. Hope your family is doing well!

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