So HAPPY To Be Your MOM!!!

Hi! Brooklyn had her one month check-up today. It has been a pretty crazy month for this little one. After a two week battle, she has finally gotten rid of her yeast infection...but now has developed GERD or gastroesophageal reflux disease. It's basically acid reflux, but it has been causing her a lot of pain. Poor little thing:( They prescribed her zantac today, so hopefully that helps. Other than that she is doing great! She has grown TWO inches and gained a WHOLE pound, so that makes her 8 lbs 10 oz and 21 inches! The question I get asked the most is how she does at night and I am happy to report, she does AWESOME! I feed and put her down at about 10 pm and she sleeps until 3 to eat and then sleeps until 6 or 7. It is really more than I could ask for! So different from her sleepless brother at that age. I think these two look a lot alike, but I can tell their personalities are completely different. Braden was a pretty fussy, crabby baby whereas Brooklyn is mostly chill and content with life.
No matter what though, I am so thankful to have these two!  There really isn't any other way I would want to spend my day! 

*On a side note- check out this new google chrome download I think it looks sweet and it makes the internet super SPEEDY!


Kira's World said...

If you have fire fox I would suggest fast dial or speed dial. It puts it right next to your URL so you can just click on it, Also you can download a really cool thing when you go to google for fire fox that is called tab colors and it changes the color tabs on your browser its great!

McKenzie said...

That's good that she sleeps so well! I hope she starts feeling better.

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