A Little Bit of Everything....

All of us having a blast on Memorial Day at the Garlock's pool party. It was SO much fun and a great way to start the summer! 

I just LOVE this girl! She is such a sweetie. Before I had kids I always thought I would be just fine if I had all boys. I was wrong! I am SO thrilled to have this little girl!!!For the longest time Braden has had this OBSESSION with brushing his teeth. When I go out, I'm not packing snacks or drinks to please him, all I need is his toothbrush!
Here is how I found my cute little family one night. There is nothing sweeter:)


Davis and Carter's Mommy said...

Love the smiling Brooklyn pics, what a darling girl!

Ambler Fam said...

Hey I'm here in Mesa.. give me a call so we can get together if you have the time.. 480-354-0697. I'm here till Wed night. PS.. do you know where the cool childrens museum is here

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