New Trampoline

For Braden's birthday in October, I want to buy him a trampoline. Since they are kind of pricey, I wanted to make sure he really likes it. Every time we go some place where there is a tramp he goes crazy and won't stop jumping, but I was afraid once I got one he would get bored and never use it. So to test it out I bought him this 8 ft tramp on craigslist for a steal. He is LOVING IT. Even though it is a million degrees out, he is still out there jumping away.One morning while he was out jumping it suddenly started to downpour. I went out to bring him in, but he was having a blast! This is really the only time of year that we ever get rain, so he has only been able to play in it a couple times. HooRAY for rain!

(Don't worry Ruth and Grant, I will post the camping pictures soon!!)

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