Fun in the Backyard

Ever since the rain stopped, we have been out enjoying our very GREEN grass in the backyard.
This is where Brooklyn insists on standing-
She isn't quite walking yet, and crawling just isn't fast enough for her. So, she grabs onto my leg until I pick her up. She is so clingy, but so cute, and I can't resist her.

Now for a couple random things....
For some reason Braden loves to clean the toilet....I will go in the bathroom and he will be scrubbing away. Oh, and Brooklyn really isn't doing the dishes, she just likes to stand there while I do them:)

This was my cousin-in-law's baby shower at Applebee's. I just love these ladies!


Debbie said...

And I love you! Fun in the sun...just love this weather!

Jocelyn said...

so jealous of your lovely lawn and the fact that you get to go outside. I am getting major cabin fever but refuse to take baby Nicholas outside unless absolutely necessary. Brock loves to help we wipe off the table, I'[m sure he'd clean the toilet if I let him too, but I don't feel like having toilet water thrown around the room just yet. I'll wait til he's a little older!

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