My Baby Girl is 1 and My Man is 30!!

It has been quite the weekend--three birthdays in a row! Saturday night we went to Tom's cousins birthday party in Mesa. Then Sunday night we celebrated Brooklyn's birthday at our home. It was such a blast! I attempted to make a princess crown cake, it didn't turn out exactly like I thought it would, but it sure tasted good:)

She got LOTS of much needed new spring/summer clothes, her uncle Sam got her the little pink piano, and her grandma Larry Ann made her the most adorable quilt! So CUTE! Thanks to all you who came to party with us! Here is a little video of her getting her cake and all of us singing happy birthday....
Then yesterday was Tom's big day! He took the day off from work and we went shopping, he played basketball and golf, then we had his brothers over and ate Barro's Pizza while we watched new episodes of How I Met Your Mother (thanks Grant!!). Sam and I went in together and got him these sweet Jordans and an outdoor basketball. Grant got him a sweet grilling kit. Such a fun night!! This picture wasn't even posed, he was so psyched!
I have been waiting for this to arrive in the mail and it just happened to show up yesterday, so I let Braden open up a gift too. He was/is SO excited! He has already watched it 3 times today:)

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