Easter Blessings

This was such a fun Easter Sunday! I loved watching general conference and spending the whole day with family that I love! When the kids first got up we surprised them with some Easter baskets. Brooklyn finally got some cute bows and clips to wear in her hair and some candy. Braden got Monsters Inc., Toy Story coloring book and a couple of Hot Wheel cars and candy from Grandpa and Grandma Garlock! He was a happy camper for sure!
This is the best shot I could get of them together....I tried. Braden was just not cooperating. Oh well, I still think they are the cutest!!
After conference we went into Mesa and had dinner at the Garlocks. It was the nicest night and we just watched the kids play. We even got out the bubble guns--they were in bubble heaven!!

This picture is kinda random, but I wanted to document Brooklyn's first ponytail! It only took a whole year:) She looks so big so big to me now....
Why does this girl always have to have something in her mouth!?! Well, I am thinking it is because she has also finally cut her first tooth. Although, I have yet to be successful of taking a picture of it. She is not very happy about this tooth. I think she was completely content gumming everything:)

Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter!!

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